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Legal Business Name:
Reseller Contact: Greg Finzer
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Reseller Price List

Price List

Reseller Setup Process

  • The reseller will need to create an account on the website. Create Your Account.
  • The reseller sends an email to requesting to be a reseller.
  • After review the reseller will be given a coupon code that is good for the current year.

Reseller Purchase Process

  • Go to the all products page at
  • Click on the product you wish to purchase.
  • Choose the variant from the drop down.
  • Click Add to Cart.
  • Click Checkout.
  • Enter your billing address
  • Enter your assigned reseller discount code.
  • Click on the continue to payment.
  • Enter in your credit card information and click submit
  • The system will automatically generate a license code and email it to your account email address.
  • Forward the license and download information to your customer

Reseller FAQ

Q: How do I enter in the customer details?
A: After registering as a reseller, the license key will say Purchased from Your Company Name.

Q: May we purchase on behalf of the end user?
A: Yes, simply request to be a reseller.

Q: Must any mandatory agreements be signed?
A: No

Q: Is there a reseller discount?
A: Yes. It is a standard 30%

Q: Is Deal Registration possible? If Yes, what is the process?
A: Simply purchase the product on behalf of your customer.

Q: What is the purchase method (e.g.: email, online, fax)?
A: Online only.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, Amazon Payments

Q: What are your payment terms? (e.g.: Net60, Net 90)?
A: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, or Amazon Payments

Q: If online purchase only, I would be using my details for billing purposes, so how do I register the product to the client?
A: The license key will say Purchased from Your Company Name

Q: How does the customer receive their license?
A: You will need to forward the licensing email to them.

Q: Will the end user have access to our account?
A: No

Q: How are the products delivered?
A: The license key and download link are emailed.

Q: What are the shipping costs?
A: None

Q: When will the products be delivered
A: The download link is emailed within five minutes of purchase.

Q: How is this licensed (e.g.: per server, site, desktop, user)?
A: Per developer.

Q: What is the current version?
A: Go to the product page, and click on the History tab to see the current version.

Q: If it is subscription or annual base licence, is it subject to auto-renewal/automatic billing on our accounts?
A: Major and minor upgrades are free for a period of one year from the date of purchase. After the one year, you may optionally upgrade to the next version. It is not automatically renewed.

Q: Is support included or seperate?
A: Lifetime email support is included.

Q: What is your returns policy?
A: 60 days. There are no returns for source code versions.

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: See the System Requirements tab for the product.

Q: Which languages are available?
A: All products may be used with any language, however all documentation is in English.