Easy Database Creator

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An Easier Way to Create Databases!

Creating database schemas hasn’t changed much in 20 years until now. All database management tools put you through the process of manually defining the primary keys, foreign keys, and foreign key indexes. Easy Database Creator automatically adds all primary and foreign keys. It also has intellisense for column names, database types, and lengths. Rapidly create database schemas and scripts. For example, you can connect to an existing SQL Server database, switch the database type to Sqlite and create a Sqlite database based on the schema that was in the SQL Server database. Generate C# or VB.NET Classes from tables.


Feature Description
Supports Multiple Databases Supports creating schemas for Firebird, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SqLite, SQL Server, and VistaDB. Switch to another database type any time.
Create and Load Schemas Create a database schema without being connected to a database or load the schema from an existing database.
Easy to Use Adding a Child Table, Parent Table, or Many to Many will automatically add the primary key, foreign key, the foreign key constraint, and the foreign key index.
Column Intellisense Add columns with intellisense for the column name, data type and length. Example, adding a field called FirstName with set the Data Type to String with a default length of 30. It remembers new keywords, data types, and length. Keywords can be edited.
Bulk Rename Bulk rename fields that contain spaces to pascal case, pascal underscore, or lower case underscore.
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There is no other application on the market quite like Easy Database Creator.

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Easy Database Creator requires the following system configuration.

  • Works with any version of Windows with a minimum of Windows Vista with SP2 or a minimum of Windows Server 2008 SP2.
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher

Q: How do I use my license key?
A: Click the Register icon then restart the application.

Q: I lost my license key how do I retrieve it?
A: Go to your account

Q: I lost my software how do I retrieve it?
A: Go to downloads

Q: Where can I download the latest version of my software?
A: Click the download tab.

Date Version Description
2/23/2019 1.0 Initial Release.
2/16/2020 2.0 New features, automatically creates foreign key indexes and foreign key constraints. Compatible with VistaDB Version 6
12/6/2021 2.15 Now compatible with .NET Data Access Layer Version 5.00
8/25/2023 2.17 Ability to Generate Entity Framework Classes. Update Firebird Driver, MySQL Driver, PostgreSQL Driver, SQLite Driver, Oracle Driver.