Ninja Database Lite

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"Ninja Database Lite worked as expected: small in size, compact and efficient in resource usage and REALLY fast both on queries and update operations (which usually take long). Overall an excellent piece of software."

Manos S. Pappás

Ninja Database Lite is a light and nimble database for Windows Phone 7, Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4, Silverlight 5, .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.x. It is under 100KB and is built for high performance. Easily save and load any public object to isolated storage. The entire object graph is saved. Ninja Database Light uses a custom binary serialization library to save the data in a compact format. The serializer can also be used to convert an object into bytes and send to your web service, WCF Service, or cloud service. Types are automatically registered and cached. Industry standard AES encryption, and Mini LZO compression is included. The database can be encrypted and compressed or the library can be used to encrypt or compress other files in isolated storage. Download the full list of features.


While it can be purchased separately, this product is also included in the Gold Suite. Gold Suite subscribers receive all product updates and all new products as part of a yearly subscription. It is the best value in the industry.


Feature Description
Easy to Use Zero configuration, save or load an object with a single line of code. Example demos for Windows Phone 7, Silverlight, and .NET are included. The help file contains code examples for all methods and properties.
Secure Encrypt with industry standard AES Encryption.
Compact Using binary serialization instead of xml serialization makes a big difference in the size of the database. Turning on compression makes the database even smaller.
100% Managed Code 100% managed code written in C#.
Royalty Free Distribution Include with any .NET project royalty free.
1 Year Free Upgrades Purchase today and all upgrades are free for the next year.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee At Kellerman Software, we want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase. Receive a refund within 60 days when ordering from Source code versions are non-refundable due to their nature.
Lifetime Support Lifetime E-mail technical support is included.

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  • Works with .NET 2.0 and higher

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Ninja Database Lite requires the following system configuration.

  • Windows Phone 7 or Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4, Silverlight 5, or .NET Framework 3.5, or .NET Framework 4.x
  • Requires less than 100KB for the assemblies.

            List<Person> personList = new List<Person>();
            Person person = new Person();
            person.Name = "John";
            person.PersonId = 1;

            NinjaDb ninja = new NinjaDb();

            //Save the list

            //Load the list
            personList = ninja.Load<List<Person>>();

            //Delete the list

Q: How do I use my license key?
A: NinjaDb ninja = new NinjaDb("my user name","my license key");

Q: I lost my license key how do I retrieve it?
A: Go to your account

Q: I lost my software how do I retrieve it?
A: Go to downloads

Q: Where can I download the latest version of my software?
A: Click the download tab.

Q: How does the licensing work?
A: Each developer that uses Ninja Datbase Lite must have a license. You may distribute your application to end users royalty free. A site license is for all the developers in a single building.

Q: What happens when the trial expires?
A: An exception is thrown, indicating that the trial is expired.

Date Version Description
8/26/2010 1.00 Initial Release. Ninja Database Lite is an object database for Windows Phone 7, Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4, .NET 3.5, and .NET 4.x.
9/18/2010 1.01 This update includes strong named assemblies for Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4, and .NET.
10/20/2010 1.02 This update includes an IgnoreColumnAttribute and a more detailed error message when there is no empty constructor.
12/29/2010 1.04 All assemblies are marked as CLSCompliant.  Ninja Database Lite is now thread safe.  New features; ability to serialize observable collections, inherited dictionaries, inherited lists, URI, and types that implement ICollection.
6/27/2011 2.01 By popular request, the desktop version of Ninja Database Lite now has the ability to use file storage as a storage type in addition to the existing isolated storage.  This release also adds the ability to copy a database from isolated storage into file storage.
1/17/2012 2.02 New features include support for Silverlight 5 and support for WriteableBitmap.