Name Parser V2.11 Released June 11, 2017 23:09

Kellerman Software announces a minor update to the Name Parser Library. Handling for Major as the last name with a prefix of the Major Military Rank. Example: Major John Major Download Now

Name Parser V2.05 Released November 27, 2016 06:15

Kellerman Software announces a minor update to Name Parser. This update includes better parsing for Native American Names. Download Now

Name Parser V2.0 Released October 22, 2016 17:34

Kellerman Software announces a major release of Name Parser.  New internal database of 100,000 last names for better name order auto-detection.  New advanced census population weighting of first names for auto-detection.  New handling of Hispanic multi-word first names and multi-word last names.  Handling of multi-word suffix.  Example:  Juan Pablo Gonzalez Sanchez Jr DDS.  Performance has been increased by 300%, it can split over 10,000 names a second.  Download now

Name Parser V1.3 Released August 09, 2016 18:39

Kellerman Software announces a minor update to Name Parser.  By customer request, Name Parser now has the ability to recognize last names with Saint or St.  Example, Saint John or St George. Download Now